La información, ¿humanismo o mercantilismo tecnológico?el uso de la información en la sociedad actual

  1. Casas Mota, Miguel Ángel
Supervised by:
  1. Esperanza Martínez Montalvo Director
  2. José López Yepes Co-director

Defence university: Universidad de Alcalá

Fecha de defensa: 17 April 2012

  1. Agustín Vivas Moreno Chair
  2. Esmeralda Serrano Mascaraque Secretary
  3. Juan Miguel Sánchez Vigil Committee member
  4. Carlos Manuel Sánchez Pérez Committee member
  5. Juan Carlos Marcos Recio Committee member

Type: Thesis


The daily intervention of technological innovations in all types of activities whether in the collective or individual, has generated social and economic structure of the world depends on a progressive and accelerated them. In this context, is discussed from a multidisciplinary approach to information and the process which has been transformed and become a commercial and product within the unified plan of action called "globalization" at the expense of its humanist connotation. It recognizes the figure of Paul Otlet, as an example of the work that link humanism / information. Just as the need to strengthen ethical aspects in the exercise of the profession. Also, is addressed about information overload, loss of reflection and response to human limitations technology has given rise to what has been called posthumanism. Under the above conditions, the information requires a new theoretical transdisciplinary apparatus to remedy the contradictions, disagreements and parcel treatments that limit the encounter with the social body. The possibility of achieving this is feasible as demonstrated by the social networking phenomenon as an emergent form of organization that has enriched the participation of groups and promoted changes in several areas where infodiversity flourishes and ensures that allows every human being living in an environment where forces and social products enrich it.