Curso de Matemáticas-0un innovador método didáctico

  1. Giménez Abad, María Jesús
  2. Serrano Rey, Antonio
  3. García Pérez, Enrique
Anales de economía aplicada 2007
  1. Fernández Arufe, Josefa E. (dir.)
  2. Rojo García, José Luis (dir.)
  3. Moyano Pesquera, Pedro Benito (coord.)
  4. Somarriba Arechavala, Noelia (coord.)

Publisher: Asociación Española de Economía Aplicada, ASEPELT

ISBN: 84-96477-93-2

Year of publication: 2007

Volume Title: Áreas VIII y XII : Metodología y didáctica de la economía. Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior

Volume: 8

Pages: 11-32

Congress: ASEPELT España. Reunión anual (21. 2007. Valladolid)

Type: Conference paper


This paper aims to present an innovative teaching methodology in the academic field of Mathematics, whose main goal is to minimize student failure in mathematics learning outcomes, which seems to be especially acute among freshmen enrolment in College. Our research contends the existence of two different learning challenges. The first one pertains to student acquisition of specific mathematical knowledge; the second one deals with both students� weak management of mathematical tools and the development of critical, articulated outcomes. The different teaching/learning activities have been designed within the special program developed for freshmen year students in the School of Business Administration. In order to describe the problems and identify possible solutions, Didactic Theory in the Mathematics has been adopted as a theoretical framework, especially Anthropological Theory of Didactics (ATD). The methodology employed is Didactic Engineering, which has been suggested by pre-college Maths courses