Hipersensibilidad a oxaliplatino. Pruebas cutáneas y protocolo de desensibilización

  1. Susana Cortijo Cascajares
  2. M. P. Goyache-Goñi
  3. M.J. Vicario Zubizarreta
  4. Mª Jesús Jiménez Cerezo
  5. G. García Canto
Atención Farmacéutica

ISSN: 1139-7357

Any de publicació: 2004

Volum: 6

Número: 1

Pàgines: 28-34

Tipus: Article

Altres publicacions en: Atención Farmacéutica


Objectives: To evaluate the hypersensitiveness reactions to oxaliplatin (L-OHP), a chemotherapeutic agent used as a first-degree treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer; and the need for continuing with the treatment. To standardize the concentrations of L-OHP necessary for the making of cutaneous tests and the establishment of a desensitization protocol. Method: It was developed a study of patients treated with L-OHP that presented symptoms of anaphylaxis during the course of the treatment and it took place a revision of the available information in the literature. Results: The allergologic study was negative and a desensitization regime was successfully developed. Conclusions: The hypersensitiveness reactions to chemotherapeutic agents do not necessarily require the exclusion of such drugs from the treatment regime, because when a desensitization protocol is followed a safe administration of such drugs is achieved