La identidad cultural de los rumanos reflejada en cinco periódicos en lengua rumana publicados en España

  1. Constantinescu, Ruxandra
Supervised by:
  1. Iuliana Botezan Albu Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 29 January 2021

  1. Luis Fernando Ramos Simón Chair
  2. María Cadilla Baz Secretary
  3. Nadia Rodríguez Ortega Committee member
  4. Jorge Caldera Serrano Committee member
  5. Luminita Marcu Committee member
  1. Biblioteconomía y Documentación

Type: Thesis


What do newspapers belonging to immigrant communities say? Who are the producers of this information? What information do they convey their readers? What to these readers themselves think of this information provided in their mother tongue? How can this information be observed, analized and presented in the reception country? Who can carry out such a reasearch on these topics in Spain, specifically if the immigrant collective have other mother tongue than Spanish? These have been just sheer reflections which constituted the foundation of this research. Over the years, these reflections grew into more specific questions, which in turn have been phrased into the object of this research, as well as the specific objectives thus pursued. Objectives: This research pursues the qualitative analysis of the press discourse in the Romanian ethnic newspapers in Spain, in order to observe cultural identity traits for the Romanians who live in this country. For the purposes of this thesis, three specific objectives have been defined. To begin with, this thesis intents to analyse the content of five Romanian language newspapers in Spain: Occidentul românesc, «The Romanian West», Românul din Spania, «The Romanian in Spain», Noi în Spania, «We in Spain», România Expres, «Romania Express» y Român în lume, «Romanian in the World». To continue, who the producers of these newspapers are and what the creators and conveyers of the information thus transmitted to the readers state has been considered as a second objective. To conclude, this research intends to observe what Romanian readers think of the information they find in their ethnic newspapers in Spain...