Omar Abū Rīša (1911-1990)vida, obra y compromiso

  1. Thana Salama Haj Faraj
Supervised by:
  1. Mohammed Dahiri Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2021

  1. Josep Puig Montada Chair
  2. Francisco Javier Fernández Vallina Secretary
  3. Waleed Saleh Alkhalifa Committee member
  4. Pedro Cano Ávila Committee member
  5. Aly Tawfik Mohamed-Essawy Committee member
  1. Lingüística, Estudios Árabes, Hebreos, Vascos y de Asia Oriental

Type: Thesis


This study is based on reviewing the life and work of the poet ʿOmar Abū Rīša (1911-1990), an authentic intellectual defender of the independence of the Arab countries from the Franco-English occupation and a prominent supporter of Pan-Arabism. He was one of the most important and prominent Arab poets of the 20th century.In addition to his anti-colonial position, he dedicated a large number of his poems to Pan-Arabism, a political movement that advocated the union of all the Arab speaking countries and Arab civilizations that had its peak from the 1940s to the 1970s. He was a daring poet who had known how to perfect his poetry and focus it on topics of the utmost relevance to all Arabs. His poems are realistic, and they are characterized by how they do not adhere to specific style, but he has peculiarities that can be found in multiple styles. He was an intellectual committed to just causes, defender of the freedom of the Arab peoples and their unity against foreign interference. His poetic creations were a reflection of his life and time, and in that he eradicates their importance.