El movimiento del agua como patrón de crecimientodel dibujo en el plano a su transformación en el espacio

  1. Agustí Sanz, Daniel
Supervised by:
  1. Ricardo Horcajada González Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 01 March 2022

  1. Ana María Gallinal Moreno Chair
  2. Jose Maria Bullon de Diego Secretary
  3. Santiago Lara Morcillo Committee member
  4. Carlos Tejeda Garcia Committee member
  5. Isabel Carralero Diaz Committee member
  1. Dibujo y Grabado

Type: Thesis


Putting the behavior of moving water and the artistic process in parallel is the main objective of this research work. For this, in the first part, the discourse is fundamentally about three concepts: its corporeal entity —which reflects on water as the origin of life, as part of the artistic work from its character as a matter and as a material and as a natural influence on the morphology of every living being—, its metamorphosis —which accounts for the different forms it acquires in movement, its causes and consequences and the close relationship established with geometry—and its ability to participate as a visual metaphor —for which it is essential to understand the mechanism of metaphor, the meaning of water according to different thinkers and how this meaning is activated when entering into dialogue with the viewer—. In a second part, an artistic proposal, on the one hand, confronts the concepts previously worked on with the creation process and, on the other, it invites the viewer to identify themselves not only as an active part of the work of art but also of the possible solutions that the water problem poses in the 21st century.