Una edición del "Coro febeo de romances historiales" de Juan de la Cueva

  1. Angela María Bello Urrets-Zabalía
Supervised by:
  1. Álvaro Alonso Miguel Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2022

  1. J. Ignacio Díez Fernández Chair
  2. Esther Borrego Secretary
  3. Cristina Castillo Martínez Committee member
  4. Gaspar Garrote Bernal Committee member
  5. Belén Molina Huete Committee member
  1. Literaturas Hispánicas y Bibliografía

Type: Thesis


Many studies have been carried out on Juan de la Cueva, especially concerning his theatrical productions. Very few have been done on his lyrical productions; even fewer on his historical ballads. Some of these ballads have been published separately in various collections, but this edition is the first complete rendering of his first Coro febeo. $b This extensive work includes 102 ballads, comprised of more than 16,000 verses. The work is divided into ten books. Each contains ten ballads, except the first and fifth, which contain eleven ballads each. Each of these books begins with a ballad/ prologue; the first volume is dedicated to the god Apollo, and the following nine to each of the nine muses.There is a ballad/prologue at the beginning of the entire work, followed by the first of the three ballads dedicated to the book. The other two are strategically placed throughout the work. The second ballad begins at the end of the fifth volume, and the third at the end of the tenth...