Health equity, mental health and partnerships to build back after COVID-19: Multistakeholder perspectives at a United Nations event.

  1. Kuriansky, Judy
  2. Altungy, P.
  3. Twose, G.
  4. Liébana, S.
  5. Maurice, S.R.
  6. Velo, C.
  7. Sadia, R.
  8. Davcheva, M.
  9. Guimarães, M.A.
Resilient health: leveraging technology and social innovations to transform healthcare for COVID-19 recovery and beyond
  1. Kuriansky, Judy (coord.)
  2. Kakkattil, Pradeep (coord.)

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780443185304

Year of publication: 2024

Type: Book chapter