Conference papers (8) Publications in which a researcher has participated


  1. Anisotropic strength of the fault gouge of the Alhama de Murcia active fault (SE Spain)

    ISRM International Symposium - EUROCK 2020

  2. Characterization of a tertiary paleo-valley system - Onshore guyana basin

    2nd EAGE/HGS Conference on Latin America

  3. Failure mechanisms developed in rock masses under shallow foundations

    Rock Mechanics for Natural Resources and Infrastructure Development- Proceedings of the 14th International Congress on Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, ISRM 2019

  4. Las inundaciones del río Azuer en Daimiel durante la Edad Moderna

    V Jornadas de Historia de Daimiel

  5. Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) to characterize of fault zone in alhama de murcia fault

    26th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, Held at Near Surface Geoscience 2020

  6. Publicaciones científicas españolas sobre inundaciones en el ámbito internacional: Análisis bibliométrico de la Web of Science

    Riesgo de inundación en España: análisis y soluciones para la generación de territorios resilientes

  7. Stratigraphic and structural interpretation of the San Pedro Basin (South-eastern dominican republic offshore margin) and its implications in the hydrocarbon potential

    2nd EAGE/HGS Conference on Latin America

  8. Validation of dynamic punching shear assessment after sudden column removal

    fib Symposium