La decisión de invertir en la formación de los empleadosun análisis en la empresa industrial española

  1. García Moreno, Susana María
  2. Guerras Martín, Luis Ángel
  3. Rico García, María Guadalupe
Conocimiento, innovación y emprendedores: camino al futuro
  1. Ayala Calvo, Juan Carlos (coord.)

Publisher: Universidad de La Rioja

ISBN: 84-690-3573-8

Year of publication: 2007

Type: Book chapter


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Taking as a starting point the training of personnel as a necessary investment and whose role is relevant for firm efficiency, the main objective of this paper is to determine the degree of influence of different internal factors of the organization, identified in the existing literature on the subject, on the incidence of training in the Spanish industrial firm. In this way, we intend., using information on 1,526 Spanish industrial firms contained in the Survey on Firm Strategies, to contrast the model presented in order to identify the specific attributes inherent in the majority, or perhaps all, of the firms that provide training