Evaluación de la producción científica española sobre publicidad(1971-2001)

  1. Martínez Pestaña, María Jesús
Supervised by:
  1. Juan Carlos Marcos Recio Director
  2. María Francisca Blasco López Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 11 January 2011

  1. José López Yepes Chair
  2. Rafael Alberto Pérez Secretary
  3. Fernando Martín Committee member
  4. Esperanza Martínez Montalvo Committee member
  5. Mercedes Caridad Sebastián Committee member
  1. Biblioteconomía y Documentación

Type: Thesis


The aim of this study is the evaluation of scientific literature on advertising in Spain during the period 1971-2001. We have initiated our study in 1971, this being the date of creation of the first Bachelor of Advertising in Spanish universities. The works selected for this study have been organized into three groups according to their different nature: doctoral dissertations, monographs and articles from academic and professional journals. While the researchers of doctoral dissertations are located within the universities, in the case of monographs and articles a large number of authors or researchers come not only from universities, but also from different professions related mainly to advertising and communication. We have applied bibliometric analysis to each type of works in order to conduct different levels of evaluation. Our study is divided into three main body sections, one for doctoral dissertations, another for monographs, and the final for articles. The different analyses have been conducted individually for each type of works. The levels of evaluation we have applied are as follow: First, the total bibliographic production for each type of works; and the evolution of productivity through the period. The second is the evaluation of productivity by authors based on the number of published papers. The third corresponds to the level of scientific cooperation between researchers or authors. The fourth studies the level of institutional affiliation of the different authors; for those linked to universities and outside universities. The fifth corresponds to the evaluation of the particular field of research of each author and work, which has permitted to identify the main research topics. The sixth corresponds to the evaluation of research network; the most productive research networks have been identified; and also we studied the role of the Instituto Nacional de Publicidad. Finally, the seventh includes the evaluation of languages in which the works have been published; the analysis of productivity by languages has been studied.