La construcción de tesauros académicosun modelo general y un método inductivo con aplicación al "e-learning"

  1. Ana Fernández-Pampillón Cesteros
Supervised by:
  1. M. Covadonga López Alonso Director
  2. Alfredo Fernández-Valmayor Crespo Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2010

  1. Fernando A. Lázaro Mora Chair
  2. María del Carmen Fernández Chamizo Secretary
  3. Juan Manuel Cigarrán Recuero Committee member
  4. Ángel López García Committee member
  5. Miguel Angel Esparza Torres Committee member

Type: Thesis


This work can be considered as a contribution, within Computational Linguistics, to Educational Technology, specifically to e-learning. The aim is to facilitate the construction of academic thesauri for electronic exploitation. These thesauri are, therefore, to be understood as linguistic systems for the expression and organization of a domain's knowledge. They use the same terms and semantic relations as the language found in materials or series of teaching and research resources created by and for academic activity, always within the realm of electronic teaching and learning. The aim of these thesauri is to i) help the teacher organize didactic – as well as research – materials conceptually, thus facilitating the localization, selection and use thereof; and ii) help the student understand and learn concepts and use, accurately, the language specific to the discipline or field of knowledge covered by the thesaurus. Our proposal is a dynamic formal model which represents, by means of relational structures, the highly intertwined and changeable contents of thesauri. It gives support to an incremental and inductive construction method which generates thesauri as part of the creation process of teaching and research materials and which replicates the way authors organize and describe those materials. The HL model and method provides the foundation for the creation of general computer applications which may help teachers, researchers and students automatically build, visualize and update their thesauri for academic exploitation.