El espectáculo unipersonalhistoria y teoría del actor y el personaje

  1. Marco Tulio Luna Ramírez
Supervised by:
  1. Dámaso López García Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2017

  1. Carmen Méndez García Chair
  2. María Rosa Burillo Gadea Secretary
  3. Susana Lozano Moreno Committee member
  4. Joaquín Rubio Tovar Committee member
  5. Fernando Doménech Rico Committee member
  1. Estudios Ingleses: Lingüística y Literatura

Type: Thesis


The present work arises from the concern about the work of the solitary actor or actress in the world of the theatrical stage, a subject little studied, or at least rarely approached from the historical perspective of the individual stage. In the modern time the solitary artist develops a myriad of stage actions in theaters, squares or streets in general, developing various forms of individual expression because of infinity of special motivations, motivations ranging from one's own aesthetic concern to economic necessity and resource optimization. However, it is not a current phenomenon, since throughout the history of humanity, and of western culture in particular, there have been similar expressions, which is why it is important to know the very history of the actor's work, to suggest that even in prehistory there might have been a pre-theatrical manifestations in that sense.The preliteraries societies leave an unknown about the origins of representation, of theatricality, where the sacred arises from the ignorance of the world around the individual, who drinks from the springs of imagination, myth and ritual to explain his existence and to ward off the deepest fears. The skills and abilities of the human being are prioritized as a means of survival in the search for food, shelter and protection, characteristics that are shaped and refined with the everyday experience according to success or failure in business that he ventures. The community can highlight the individuals who possess this or that quality, abilities that are of benefit so that the conglomerate can exist materially and spiritually...