Un modelo descriptivo de síntesis ópticas por mezcla rápida y su representación en 3D

  1. González Cuasante, José María
  2. Cuevas Riaño, María del Mar
  3. Alonso Muñoz, Fernando
Óptica pura y aplicada

ISSN: 2171-8814

Year of publication: 2010

Issue Title: VIII Congreso Nacional del Color II

Volume: 43

Issue: 4

Pages: 259-266

Type: Article

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Optical color mixtures are averaged partitive synthesis and produce the same effects by rapid mixing with colored disks when juxtaposed colors and textures that melt at a distance.The rapid mixing disc allows to easily vary the percentages of surface colors and is the method we used to watch it. The representation is done in an equilateral triangle whose vertices are three primary (red, green and blue) to match a mixture of black and white in an interior point. On that point passes through both the white-black axis and three-dimensional space is determined with the five colors. The representation of the effects must be done valuing the weightings of clarity of the parts of the mixtures and the percentage of surface. Painting that uses these techniques can predict its effects and viewed on the "quick mix". The model also includes a 3D representation.