El trabajo social en el ámbito de la saludsu posición dentro del paradigma biopsicosocial

  1. Delgado Reguera, José Antonio
Supervised by:
  1. Francisco Javier Pomar Fernández Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 21 September 2018

  1. María José Barahona Gomariz Chair
  2. Aurora Castillo Charfolet Secretary
  3. Emilio José Gómez Ciriano Committee member
  4. José Manuel Aparicio Malo Committee member
  5. Enrique Pastor Seller Committee member
  1. Trabajo Social y Servicios Sociales

Type: Thesis


Social work is a profession that it is not only carried out in its usual area which is, the social services; you can also find it in other fields, such as healthcare. Although the first Medical Social Service was founded in 1905 in the Massachusetts General Hospital and today there are social workers present in nearly all public hospitals, this role is not considered a medical profession. This issue not only questions its place in the biopsicosocial paradigm, but also the real implementation of this paradigm in the socio-sanitary intervention.This study has been put together to analyse the professional role of a social worker within the medical area. The main objective is to get to know the profile of these social workers within the mentioned area and their opinions about their educational background and how they carry out their job, in Madrid...