Análisis de la congruencia entre estrategia competitiva, autonomía divisional y sistemas de compensación. Efectos conjuntos sobre la eficacia empresarial

  1. Jesús García-Tenorio Ronda
  2. María José Pérez Rodríguez
Cuadernos de economía y dirección de la empresa

ISSN: 1138-5758

Year of publication: 2002

Issue: 12

Pages: 291-314

Type: Article

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In this study we attempt to justifu the possible connections that exist among competitive strategy, the level ofautonomy in the SBU (strategic business unit), and the type and method of compensation to managers. We attempt to find what can be denominated as a "strategically appropriate behavior" in order to achieve a fit among these comoponents and in the end a higher level of organizational effectiveness. The study was delivered to 116 of the principle companies of the construction sector in Spain (head offices or businesses), and the rate of responses is situated approximately at 34,5 por 100. Using hierarchical regressions, the results indicate the great importance of the joint effects of the set of dimensions considered two by two