Evolution Of Bibliometric Indicators And His Websites Evaluation Approaches In Relation To The Foremost Respiratory Journal In

  1. T. Gutiérrez Jiménez
  2. Luis Miguel Callol Sánchez
  3. Jesús Escobar Sacristán
  4. Francisco García Río
  5. Ramón de la Rica Maritorena
  6. José Ignacio de Granda Orive
Cybermetrics: International Journal of Scientometrics, Informetrics and Bibliometrics

ISSN: 1137-5019

Year of publication: 2004

Issue: 8

Type: Article

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SCImago Journal Rank

  • Year 2004
  • SJR Journal Impact: 3.4
  • Best Quartile: Q1
  • Area: Library and Information Sciences Quartile: Q1 Rank in area: 3/175


The aim of this study was to examine the evolution of bibliometric indicators from 1970 to 2000 in relation to the foremost journal on the respiratory system published in Spanish, Archivos de Bronconeumología (Arch Bronconeumol). The evolution of these indicators over this three-decade period and the origin and specialties of the authors are reported. All issues of the journal from 1970 to 2000 (inclusive) were reviewed manually. In addition, we make a websites evaluation and a search was made in Pub-Med to evaluate the dissemination of the journal and in SCISEARCH to find citations of articles published in Archivos de Bronconeumología. We conclude that there has been a notable increase in scientific output in the field of respiratory research in Spain, as indicated by the articles published in the journal Archivos de Bronconeumología. Production and consumption indicators have stabilized in this 30-year period. A maximum circulation index has been achieved and the citation rate has increased considerably in the last three decades. Archivos de Bronconeumología has a discrete estimated impact factor.