Cinética de la deformación producida por la falla tardihercínica de Almiruete, Sierra del Robledal, Guadalajara (Sistema Central español)

  1. Vicente Muñoz, Gerardo de
Studia geologica salmanticensia

ISSN: 0211-8327

Year of publication: 1983

Volume: 18

Pages: 125-138

Type: Article

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With relation to the Sistema Central South fault, the late-Hercinian wrench fault of Almiruete produces in its sinistral transcurrent movement intense deformation in the next Ordovician quartzites and slate quartzites (40 m.) producing buckle folds with a late boudinage, it also makes fracture cleavage into the slates. We deduced that the kind or deformation produced is directly related with the relative orientation between the fault plain and the next layers. Late dextral shears are conspicuous; they could be related with F4 (defined by other outhors in the Sistema Central). Lately, Alpine movements move this fault in vertical in a complex way, origining Kink-bands in located zones.