Conectividad territorialprocesos horizontales del paisaje e interferencias del transporte humano

  1. Schmitz, María Fe
  2. Díaz Pineda, Francisco
  3. Aranzabal, Itziar de
  4. Alvarez, M. Carmen
Carreteras: Revista técnica de la Asociación Española de la Carretera

ISSN: 0212-6389

Year of publication: 2006

Issue Title: Integración ambiental

Issue: 150

Pages: 26-42

Type: Article

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  • Year 2006
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Herein we describe a recently developed project the objective of which is to formalise a set of phenomena defining territorial ecological connectivity. The study is basically an essay which establishes a general intervention procedure that can be applied at scales of certain detail. It also provides the know how for describing connectivity and protecting it from the effects of the terrestrial communications networks (motorways, roads and trails). We used three components to describe the ecological mesh of the territory: relevant physical phenomena of the hydrological cycle, ecological processes associated with asymmetrical boundaries and mobility of fauna. Providing cartographic information, we described the interference in this mesh by the network of transport infrastructures. The study helps to establish the effect of each characteristic of the infrastructures related to this network on the conservation of the aforementioned mesh, and provides indications for the design of directives for ¿best practices¿ in the development of terrestrial transport networks. Certain legal aspects are also considered.