Buen gobierno, rendimiento institucional y participación en las democracias contemporáneas

  1. Olías de Lima Gete, M. Blanca
  2. Campo García, María Esther del
Sistema: revista de ciencias sociales

ISSN: 0210-0223

Ano de publicación: 2008

Título do exemplar: Nuevos desarrollos de la democracia

Número: 203-204

Páxinas: 55-69

Tipo: Artigo

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The present article is focused on two important dimensions of the study of democracy. On the one hand, it offers a discussion about the relationship between legitimacy and efficacy of public institutions and the way the performance or the outputs of those institutions shape the definition of values in a given society. In this case, the performance of the public institutions is directly linked to the attitudes that have an effect on democracy. On the other hand, this article analyzes the way the mentioned institutions shape the role of citizens, specially in their relationship with the Administration, and the increasing demands of participation which attempt to reduce the distance between the civil society and the State. The authors conclude that "governance" can be understood as a two-way bridge where both institutions and actors interact and evolve together, taking the citizen as the main reference.