El tratamiento con estatinas mejora las alteraciones ultraestructurales de los vasos oculares en el conejo hipercolesterolémico

  1. Triviño Casado, Alberto
  2. Rojas López, Blanca
  3. Ramírez Sebastián, Ana Isabel
  4. Salazar Corral, Juan José
  5. Hoz Montañana, Rosa de
  6. Ramajo, Marta
  7. Redondo Blasco, Santiago
  8. Navarro Dorado, Jorge
  9. Tejerina, Mª Teresa
  10. Ramírez Sebastian, José M.
Clínica e investigación en arteriosclerosis

ISSN: 0214-9168 1578-1879

Year of publication: 2010

Volume: 22

Issue: 4

Pages: 127-135

Type: Article

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Introduction: To evaluate the ultra-structural changes of the chorioretinal vessels in hypercholesterolemic rabbits after treatment with statins. Methods: New Zealand rabbits were divided into four groups: Control (G0; n=10), and fed a standard diet for 8 months; Hypercholesterolemic (G1, n=8), were fed a 0.5% cholesterol-enriched diet for 8 months. Statins group (G2A y B, n=8), were each fed a 0.5% cholesterol-enriched diet for 8 months plus administration of fluvastatin sodium (G2A) or pravastatin sodium (G2B) at a dose of 2 mg/Kg/day. Eyes were processed by transmission electron microscopy. Results: G1 had a buildup of lipids at the suprachoroidea that compressed the vascular layers. G2 had a substantial decrease in the number of foam cells and lipids but more collagen fibres in the suprachoroidea and vascular layers. The lumen of the choroidal vessels was opened more in G2 in comparison with G1, which had a reduction in the capillary lumen to the point of collapse due to compression and hypertrophy of endothelial and vascular smooth muscle cells. The normal appearance of endothelial cells in G2 was in contrast with the endothelial necrosis observed in G1. In G2, the thickness of the Bruch membrane and the basal membrane of the choroidal and retinal vessels were reduced in comparison with G1. Conclusions: Treatment with statins reduces the build up of lipids and the number of macrophages in the choroid. Additionally, they preserve the endothelial cells and open the vascular lumens of choroidal vessels.