Las discontinuidades estratigráficas del Buntsandstein en el borde occidental de la cuenca triásica y su implicación en las correlaciones.

  1. Sánchez Moya, Yolanda
  2. Muñoz Recio, Araceli
  3. Ramos Ruiz, Amparo
  4. Sopeña, Alfonso

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 1991

Issue: 11

Pages: 3-7

Type: Article

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The correlation among the diverse areas where the Triassic sediments have been described in the western Cordillera Ibérica and the border area of the Sistema Central has proved to show great difficulties. A very detailed field work, carried out here, have resulted in the elaboration ofa geological map where the various lithological units and the existing unconformities have been recognized A correlation chart has been elaborated where is clearly displayed how the main changes are related to the beginning of triassic where the major changes in thickness and facies took place, as a result of different subsidence areas