Electrofacies en el Triásico del subsuelo de la Cuenca de Almazán.

  1. Muñoz Recio, Araceli
  2. Ramos Ruiz, Amparo
  3. Sopeña, Alfonso
  4. Sánchez Moya, Yolanda

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 1991

Issue: 11

Pages: 26-30

Type: Article

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The detailed study of two well logs in the Almazán Tertiary basin, have resulted in a correlation between the surface and subsurface Triassic and Permian data and the analysis of their sedimentary environments. Variations in Permian lithology and their thickness; variations and vertical evolution of Buntsandstein; location ofa shore-line zone for the Muschelka/k carbonate platform and characteristics of Keuper deposits are the main contributions of this paper