Geometría de las cuencas pérmicas en la zona de Tamajón en base a datos gravimétricos

  1. Vicente Muñoz, Gerardo de
Revista de materiales y procesos geológicos

ISSN: 0213-0696

Year of publication: 1985

Issue: 3

Pages: 165-178

Type: Article

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Throgh the gravimetric methods and the two-dimensional analysis, it is sown the existence of an important anomaly between Vado and Beleña dams given by Permian basins jointed to Almiruete and Beleña faults. Actually they are inverse faults passing into vertical faults at depth. Due to its curved sketch, it is proposed a formation mechanism for this basins related to sinistral movements. It is also sown the presence of an important fault with Cordillera Ibérica trend through the zone (La Mierla fault).