Estudio de los factores que influyen en la forma y propiedades de los cristales y propuestas para los estudiantes de profesorado de secundaria en geología.

  1. Carmen Reyero Cortiña
  2. Juan Gabriel Morcillo Ortega
  3. Manuela Martín Sánchez
  4. María T. Martín
Avances en Ciencias e Ingeniería

ISSN: 0718-8706

Year of publication: 2013

Volume: 4

Issue: 1

Pages: 121-130

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: C


This paper is a study of the influence of different factors on the shape and properties of crystals and their importance to industry level. It consists of a literature review of how to change the shape of sodium chloride crystals: how to obtain a more soluble and easier handling product. Finally, it adds a proposal to work with geology master´s students in secondary teachers training. The assessment of this work by master´s students,during the three years it has been done, was excellent, and they have used it to work with high school students.