Cuidados orales en el paciente oncológico

  1. García Chías, Begoña
  2. Cebrián Carretero, José Luis
  3. Carasol Campillo, Miguel
  4. Cerero Lapiedra, Rocío
  5. Román García, Javier
Científica dental: Revista científica de formación continuada

ISSN: 1697-6398 1697-641X

Year of publication: 2014

Volume: 11

Issue: 2

Pages: 29-40

Type: Article

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The dentist has a very important role not only in the early detection of oral cancer, but also in the care of the oncological patient. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments produce adverse effects in the oral cavity, and the maintenance of health at this level is essential to prevent and minimise these effects. The most common oral complications in patients with oncological treatment are mucositis, hyposalivation, taste alterations, osteonecrosis, bleeding of the oral mucosa and infections due to immunosuppression. The management of these complications includes the identification of the population at risk, the commencement of interventions before the oncological treatment and the timely management of the lesions caused by it. It is essential to carry out an evaluation of the oral cavity before the oncological treatment, performing dental treatments that are indicated in order to reduce the complications during and after the antineoplastic treatment.