Aportaciones a la flora briofítica de los bosques y selvas tropicales y subtropicales de la Argentina (Bryophyta, Musci)

  1. Esther Fuertes Lasala
  2. Carmen Prada Moral
  3. Cristina H. Rolleri
Botanica complutensis

ISSN: 0214-4565

Year of publication: 2015

Issue: 39

Pages: 49-61

Type: Article

DOI: 10.5209/REV_BOCM.2015.V39.49133 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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The authors present here a list of 32 mosses belonging to 15 families: Brachytheciaceae, Cryphaeaceae, Entodontaceae, Hedwigiaceae, Hypnaceae, Leptodontaceae, Meteoriaceae, Neckeraceae, Pilotrichaceae, Polytrichaceae, Pterobryaceae, Racopilaceae, Rigodiaceae, Stereophyllaceae, and Trachypodaceae, all collected in the mountainous forests of the Yungas of the NW of the Argentina (Jujuy, Salta, Catamarca and Tucumán provinces), and also in the rainforests from the NE of the country (Misiones province). Eight species: Atrichum polycarpum, Chrysohypnum elegantulum, Pilosium chlorophyllum, Pilotrichella flexilis, Porotrichodendron lindigii, Pseudotrachypus martinicensis, Steerecleus scariosus, and Thamnobryum fasciculatum are new records for the bryologic flora from Argentina. Braunia imberbis and Squamidium brasiliense are two new records for the bryophytic flora of the Catamarca province; Porotrichodendron superbum is new for the Salta province, while Forsstroemia coronata is the first record for the Catamarca and Jujuy provinces. Aerolindigia capillacea, Braunia reflexifolia, Chryso-hypnum diminutivum, Meteorium deppei and Meteoridium remotifolium are five new citations for the Jujuy province, and Schoenobryum concavifolium is new for the bryophytic flora of the Misiones province. Many studied species occur more frequently in the Yungas than in the NE rainforests; others show separated distribution but live in both areas, the Yungas and Paranaense area, and others are more or less restricted to the Paranaense rainforest of the NE of Argentina. The taxonomy of species is updated, and comments are included on bibliographical precedents, ecology and chorology of each taxon.

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