Situación laboral de los titulados de la UCM:examen desde la perspectiva del género

  1. Mª Dolores Grandal Martín
  2. Iñaki Iriondo Múgica
  3. Elena Gallego Abaroa
  4. Mª Covadonga de la Iglesia Villasol
  5. Esperanza Gracia Expósito
Documentos de trabajo del Instituto de Análisis Industrial y Financiero

Datum der Publikation: 2008

Nummer: 68

Art: Arbeitsdokument


The great increase in university matriculations over the last third of the past century is due in great part to the increasing incorporation of women to university studies; therefore, recognizing the main facets of the transition process of the women graduates, in comparison with their male counterparts, in their incorporation to the labour market, as well as the consolidation of their labour positions after six years of labour activities, is very interesting. In the next pages, the graduate's degree of success in their access to employment, time employed to find it, labour status, remuneration and, amongst other factors, labour stability are analysed from the gender viewpoint. This document is framed in the context of a broader investigation, whose purpose is studying the transition process to the labour market of graduates from the 18 main degrees of the UCM, as well as their professional development, to determine more accurately the most relevant variables that explain the possible overeducation and labour characteristics in their professional activity.