Mixoma de los maxilaresa propósito de tres casos

  1. Hernández Vallejo, G
  2. Cohn, C
  3. García Peñín, A
  4. Martínez Lara, S
  5. Llanes Menéndez, F
  6. Montalvo Moreno, JJ
Medicina oral

ISSN: 1137-2834

Year of publication: 2001

Volume: 6

Issue: 2

Pages: 106-113

Type: Article

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Odontogenic myxoma is a locally aggressive, uncommon benign tumour which arises from mesenchymal tissues normally present in developing teeth. The most frequent locations of odontogenic myxoma are the posterior regions of the mandible, as well as the condylar region. Since odontogenic myxomas are not associated with any specific clinical or radiological sign, a histopathological examination of the specimen is required for confirmation of the primary diagnosis. We report three cases of myxoma diagnosed during the last 18 years. Two of them were located in atypical regions of the mandible and one was located in the maxilla. Presence of a slow-growing swelling associated with expansion of the bone plates raised suspicion of a tumour in two cases, while in the third patient the myxoma was an incidental finding during radiological examination. Due to the unspecific nature of these lesions, in every case a histopathological examination of the surgical specimen was required for diagnostic confirmation. In one of the three reported cases, we shall underline the need to follow a correct diagnostic work-up of all radiolucent lesions of the jaws, in order to avoid contraindicated therapeutic procedures.