Estudio comparativo de la prevalencia del agrandamiento gingival inducido por ciclosporina en pacientes trasplantados con y sin enfermedad periodontal

  1. Mª Luisa Somacarrera Pérez
  2. Antonio F. López Sánchez
  3. Gonzalo Hernández Vallejo
  4. Miguel Lucas Tomás
Avances en periodoncia e implantología oral

ISSN: 1699-6585

Year of publication: 1996

Volume: 8

Issue: 2

Pages: 115-119

Type: Article

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A longitudinal study was conducted during the first six months following transplantation in 100 heart, liver or kidney transplant patients, 20 of which suffered from periodontal disease. The plaque and gingivitis indices evolution was similar for patients with and without periodontal disease. However, patients suffering from periodontal disease showed both lower cyclosporine-induced gingival overgrowth prevalence (30 % prevalence as compared with 46% in patients without periodontal disease) and less overgrowth severity. Overgrowth development stabilized in month 3 after transplantation in patients with periodontal disease, while as average overgrowth in patients without periodontal disease continued to grow until month 5.