Las nuevas tecnologías y su impacto en los derechos al honor, la intimidad, imagen y protección de datos del menorMecanismos jurídicos de protección: carencios, interrogantes y retos del legislador

Revista de Derecho, Empresa y Sociedad (REDS)

ISSN: 2340-4647

Year of publication: 2016

Issue: 9

Pages: 78-92

Type: Article

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The change of paradigm that the new technologies have supposed, has revealed the necessary protection of the fundamental affected rights (honor, intimacy, image and protection of personal information, specially, of minors). The normative duality on the one that constructed the protection herself of those (LOPHII and LOPD), has demonstrated his lacks. The aim of these lines is to raise some questions and challenges of the legislator, taking the advances as a reference in the Community law (General Regulation of Protection of Information), as well as the existing ones in the jurisprudential area.