El análisis de los diputados latinoameicanos en el contexto de los estudios sobre la clase políticacaracterísticas, objetivos y estrategias de investigación

  1. Llamazares Valduvieco, Iván
  2. Alcántara Sáez, Manuel
América latina hoy: Revista de ciencias sociales

ISSN: 1130-2887

Year of publication: 1997

Volume: 16

Pages: 15-28

Type: Article

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This article defines some basic characteristics of the research project on Latin American members of parliament conducted by the University of Salamanca research team on Latin American political elites. In addition, it points out some of the reasons why this kind of research is both scholarly and politically interesting. Finally, this article defines and classifies the main alternative theoretical approaches to the study of political elites, as well as some of the empirical expectations that derive from each theoretical f"ramework.