Nivel de desarrollo y composición del comercioel contenido tecnológico de las exportaciones

  1. Carrera Troyano, Miguel
  2. Casado Francisco, Montserrat
Documentos de trabajo del Instituto de Análisis Industrial y Financiero

Year of publication: 1997

Issue: 3

Type: Working paper


Abstract: This research is situated among the discusssions about the effects of trade composition on the growth of countries. It has two objectives. The former is to give empirical evidence to show the close association between the level of development and the rol of raw materials in the exports of a country, althouhg manufactures are getting more importance in the LDCs exports. The latter is to test the following hypothesis: higher levels of development are associated to higher technological contents of exports. A new simple methodology has been developed to evaluate the technological content of exports. The results support the hypothesis and, so, the relevance of the debate about the types of product exported by countries, even if LDCs, or at least some of them, are exporting manufactures.