Análisis de la transmisión del conocimiento entre los operarios del distrito industrialun estudio comparativo entre Brasil y España

  1. Eduardo Dias Leite
Supervised by:
  1. Francesc Xavier Molina Morales Director
  2. Luis Martínez Cháfer Director
  3. Edgar Reyes Junior Director

Defence university: Universitat Jaume I

Fecha de defensa: 08 July 2019

  1. Rafael García Villaverde Chair
  2. María Teresa Martínez Fernández Secretary
  3. M. José Ruiz Ortega Committee member

Type: Thesis

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This paper presents a study on the influence of the transmission of knowledge among the workers of an industrial district, with a comparative study between Spain and Brazil. The methodology used has been both qualitative, with an interview aimed at the workers' representatives, and quantitative, with a survey aimed at the workers. The main conclusions: in Spain there is a greater interaction of companies with the university and in Brazil that training process occurs more because of the government's actions; in Spain most of the knowledge is specific to the sector, while in Brazil, prior knowledge is stronger among operators. The main contributions: while the majority of studies are focused on managers, in this doctoral thesis the center of analysis lies in the workers; The results of this doctoral thesis provide valuable information on the differences between top-down and bottom-up clusters.