El desarrollo de las competencias emocionales como herramienta para la mejora de la interpretación musical en las enseñanzas de música en conservatorios la mejora de la interpretación musical en las enseñanzas de música en conservatorios

Supervised by:
  1. Alberto Cabedo Más Director

Defence university: Universitat Jaume I

Fecha de defensa: 07 July 2017

  1. Blanca Maravillas Díaz Gómez Chair
  2. Antonio F. Ripollés Mansilla Secretary
  3. Alfredo Bautista Arellano Committee member

Type: Thesis

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The present research is framed in the field of music education in conservatoires. Its main motivation lies in the interest of finding new methodologies that can be applied in teaching music in conservatoires in order to promote a holistic education for forthcoming professional musicians. To this aim, taking advantage of the relationship between music and emotions, we designed an ah-hoc emotional education program intended to be implemented during an academic year in the subjects of individual instrument and ensemble in students of 3rd year of elementary studies. The main objective of this research is to observe if students who develop their emotional competences improve their musical performance. In this way, music education based on the student's emotional development would be justified. The research was carried out exploring 3 case studies developed as an action-research process. The techniques used for data collection were interviews, observation, teacher's diary and a questionnaire to evaluate the emotional competences of students (CE-360º). The results and their implications in the field of music education are discussed.