Inacción, intervención o regulaciónuna aproximación a la crisis económica de 2008 desde la perspectiva del derecho administrativo

  1. Alonso Timón, Antonio Jesús
Anuario jurídico y económico escurialense

ISSN: 1133-3677

Year of publication: 2009

Issue: 42

Pages: 39-60

Type: Article

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The economic crisis we are living nowadays has broken into pieces the global economic system worldwide and it has shown clearly the incapacity of the public powers to face global issues individually and the need of transformation of some important law institutions. Although the devastating effects this crisis is causing, we have to be able to see it is an opportunity to make duty and actualize our political, econocomic, law and social system. Our pacific convivence during the 21st Century is on the way.