Apreciaciones sintaxonómicas y nomenclaturales sobre las comunidades rupícolas de la asociación " Jasonio glutinosae-Teucrietum thymifolii"

  1. César Agulló, Jonás
  2. Alonso Vargas, María Ángeles
  3. Juan Gallardo, Ana
  4. Villarruel-Ordaz, José Luis
  5. Benito de las Heras, Manuel

ISSN: 0210-9778

Year of publication: 2010

Volume: 31

Pages: 155-162

Type: Article

DOI: 10.5209/REV_LAZA.2010.V31.11 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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In the present contribution, the nomenclature of the casmophyte community Jasonio-Teucrietum thymifolii is reviewed, with a new arrangement including four territorial sub-associations. First, the correct authority and publication date for the association is Jasonio-Teucrietum thymifolii Mateo 1983. Two new combinations are stated: Jasonio-Teucrietum thymifolii subass. jasonietosum glutinosae (O. Bolòs 1967) Agulló, M.A. Alonso, A. Juan, J.L.Villar & M.B. Crespo comb. nov., and Jasonio-Teucrietum thymifolii subass. galietosum moralesiani (Sánchez-Gómez & Alcaraz 1993) Agulló, M.A. Alonso, A. Juan, J.L. Villar & M.B. Crespo comb. nov. et nom. corr. Furthermore, a new sub-association is described for the Meridional- Murcian territories (Jasonio-Teucrietum thymifolii subass. centaureetosum willkommii Agulló, M.A. Alonso, A. Juan, J.L. Villar & M.B. Crespo subass. nova). Ecological, bioclimatic, biogeographical and chorological data are reported for each accepted syntaxon. In addition, a new taxonomic combination is proposed: Galium boissieranum subsp. moralesianum (Ortega Oliv. & Devesa) Agulló, M.A. Alonso, A. Juan, J.L. Villar & M.B. Crespo