Diseño y Desarrollo de Herramientas para el Aprendizaje de Relaciones Semánticas presentes en el Lenguaje Natural

  1. Antonio Vaquero Sánchez
  2. Francisco Álvarez Montero
  3. Fernando Sáenz Pérez
TICAI 2006: TICs para el Aprendizaje de la Ingeniería
  1. Martín Llamas Nistal (coord.)
  2. Carlos Vaz de Carvalho (coord.)
  3. Carlos Rueda Artunduaga (coord.)

Publisher: IEEE Sociedad de Educación

ISBN: 978-84-8158-375-5

Year of publication: 2008

Pages: 135-142

Type: Book chapter


In our previous work, we used a methodology based on software engineering principles to develop tools for building and querying electronic dictionaries based on a DAG-shaped taxonomy, with language learning purposes. However, the tools do not enforce any kind of control over the use of the single semantic relation that is used during the DAG-shaped taxonomy construction. In order to teach specific semantic relations (e.g., is-a, member-of, component-of) the tools must control their appropriate usage, preventing learners from relying in their intuition to construct the taxonomy, and thus forfending them, from making inappropriate and inconsistent modelling choices. We intend to enforce such a control by providing relations with a set of properties defining their intension. Then, using these properties as an aide, the authoring tools could assist the author in determining, if between two concepts there can be a given semantic relation, by asking meaningful questions about its intension. This paper represents a first step towards that goal