Un análisis del último ciclo de la Economía Española (1989-1994)

  1. Flores de Frutos, Rafael
  2. Sebastián Gascón, Carlos
Documentos de Trabajo (ICAE)

ISSN: 2341-2356

Year of publication: 1996

Issue: 4

Pages: 1-37

Type: Working paper

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In this paper we study the last Spanish economic cycle. A new approach for this kind of objective is proposed. Our procedure is based on the detection and economic rationalization of important behaviour changes in a wide set of economic variables. Both, in detecting and evaluating such changes, intervention models, as proposed in Box and Tiao (1975), are used. The economic explanation of all different changes in the behaviour of macroeconomic variables found by the numerical analysis is made within a common theoretical framework, which is summarized in an Appendix.