La política americanista del marqués de la Ensenada para el océano Pacíficoel caso de Filipinas (1743-1754)

  1. Sierra Fáfila, Pablo
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Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 28 January 2021

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  1. Historia de América y Medieval y Ciencias Historiográficas

Type: Thesis


Undertaking the study of the Marquess of Ensenada may look like a repetitive exercise. However, the attention that historiography has devoted to this protagonist of Indiano politics and to his influence over its direction has been quite modest. Of course, the figure of the Marquess is well known as the promoter of the Única Contribución and the strengthening of the Spanish Royal Navy. This contribution has been well observed and examined by the existing historiography, which focus on his position as Secretary of the Navy and the Indies between 1743 and 1754, in the last years of the reign of Felipe V (1700-1746) and in most of his son and successor Fernando VI (1746-1759). The same could be said about the Philippine Islands, the geographical delimitation of our work. Although they are not strange to historiography, it should be noted that the monographic works for this period do not highlight the relationship between the American policies, defined by the Court and projected on the islands, and their application, outcome and limitations in the local context...