Bell violations in quantum informationnon signalling, communication and multipartite scenarios

  1. Abderramán Amr Rey
Supervised by:
  1. Carlos Palazuelos Cabezon Director
  2. Ignacio Villanueva Díez Director

Defence university: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Year of defence: 2021

  1. David Pérez García Chair
  2. Gustavo Adolfo Muñoz Fernández Secretary
  3. Cécilia Lancien Committee member
  4. Fernando Lledó Committee member
  5. Carlos Eduardo González Guillen Committee member
  1. Análisis Matemático Matemática Aplicada

Type: Thesis


In foundations of quantum information, the possible advantages of using quantum resources compared to classical resources are studied. Its relevance is due to the great current development of quantum technologies.One of the lines on which this study is based was started by Bell in 1964. He established that certain results obtained by measuring composite quantum systems separately are incompatible with a local and realistic description of nature, even in the assumption in which we allow the existence of hidden variables. This phenomenon is known as quantum non-locality. In addition to the theoretical interest that this has, it has been shown, since the 1990s, that this quantum phenomenon can be used to obtain advantages in cryptography, communication complexity and randomness amplification...