La perspectiva de los estudiantes sobre la adquisición de las competencias profesionales en las prácticas externas

  1. Isabel Pascual Gómez 1
  2. Raquel Sánchez Moreno 1
  3. María Cristina Núñez del Rio 2
  1. 1 Mide, Psicopedagogía . Universidad de Alcalá
  2. 2 Mide., Facultad de Educación Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Experiencias innovadoras en el aprendizaje a través de la evaluación. EVALtrends 2011: EVALtrends 2011 Evaluar para aprender en la Universidad

Publisher: Bubok Publishing

ISBN: 978-84-15490-04-3

Year of publication: 2011

Pages: 266-276

Type: Book chapter


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In this paper we present the results of a self-assessment of competences of the external practices of psychopedagogy studies. The aim is to include in the evaluation practices, formative assessment processes and shared-oriented learning in the university closely related to the philosophy of the Convergence Process in the European Higher Education Area The purpose of the assessment procedure, is to know the student´s perceptions about the degree of acquisition of professional skills in the external practices. For self-assessment skills Practicum makers designed a self-assessment tool with reference to the proposals and considerations made in this context in various Conferences and Symposia on Innovation in the Practicum in EEEs (Santiago de Compostela 2004, Murcia, 2007; Poio 2005). The most valued for students in the practicum is the opportunity offered to integrate the knowledge and skills in the professional practice of educational psychologist, developed a style that enhances their own professional autonomy and initiative and the contribution made to teaching ethics. The students consider that practices have improved their organizational and planning skills, decision making, working in multidisciplinary teams, and has extended its appreciation of diversity and multiculturalism that exists in professional contexts of the educational psychologist. To make the shift from the Teaching - Learning proposed in the framework of the European Higher Education is a real and effective evaluation processes must change. The competency evaluation must use different tools and agents and should serve to make the student aware of their strengths and weaknesses to cope successfully with future learning situations.