Trayectoria de vida de las víctimas de violencia de género y su relación con organizaciones de ayudaun estudio de caso

  1. Loidi-Urquizu, S. 1
  2. Martínez-Arias, R. 1
  1. 1 Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Madrid, España

    ROR 02p0gd045

Transformación universitaria: retos y oportunidades
  1. Carmen Márquez (dir.)

Publisher: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca ; Universidad de Salamanca

ISBN: 978-84-1311-530-6

Year of publication: 2021

Pages: 687-694

Type: Book chapter


This communication is the result of a research process initiated within the framework of the Master’s Degree in Community Social Work, Management and Evaluation of Social Services with the aim of knowing the profile of the victims of gender violence and their relationship with aid foundations. The aim is to find out about the vital development of these women, for which a case study is proposed. The relevance of the study lies in the social relevance of the problem exposed, due to the high number of existing victims, and the need to establish an adequate conceptualization. The information is collected through two retrospective qualitative interviews, the first on life development and the second on the intervention received. The analysis technique used is discourse analysis. In this communication, the results are presented from one of the persons in the sample.