La importancia del revisor externo: incuestionable para algunos, desconocida para muchos

  1. Ana Belén Salamanca Castro
NURE investigación: Revista Científica de enfermería

ISSN: 1697-218X

Year of publication: 2021

Issue: 110

Type: Article

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Any scientific journal worthy of its name (and those who have a real interest in publishing quality articles), has a peer review to evaluate contents. It is the result of this review what determinates what articles will be finally published. Therefore, external review could be considered as the key procedure of the process. Nevertheless, although editors recognize the external reviewers’ task as they deserve it is, regrettably, undervalued often or, at least, not valuated beyond editorial background. It is a shame that the compromise external reviewers have with knowledge (and, consequently, with their discipline) on collaborating with this task, it does not usually has the recognition it deserves.