Las utilidades de la búsqueda bibliográfica y su importancia para el éxito del estudio

  1. Ana Belén Salamanca Castro
NURE investigación: Revista Científica de enfermería

ISSN: 1697-218X

Year of publication: 2021

Issue: 111

Type: Article

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To write the research project, planning and putting in write what is going to be studied, how, whom and when it is an essential first step, as it helps us ordering ideas and, above all, it helps us to identify key issues for the research development. For the latter, bibliographic research is a fundamental task, because although normally we only think about bibliographic research as the way to identify what is known and what not regarding the study problem, it is going to provide us information about what are the relevant variables and how they should be measured. This will enable authors to compare their results with the ones obtained by other studies and, therefore, it will provide the knowledge generation. But also bibliographic research will help us to know what could be the impact of our intervention or how often the study´s phenomenon is in the population (important data to estimate the sample size properly). Hence, to perform a good bibliographic research is essential for a good study planification and, to get it, we should question if we need expertise help as a first step to assure our study success.