Escuela del Hospital San Rafael de Madrid : La formación de profesionales de enfermería y fisioterapia en el periodo 1957-1988

  1. Carlos Calleja de Frutos
Supervised by:
  1. Pedro F. Álvarez Lázaro Director
  2. Julio Vielva Asejo Director

Defence university: Universidad Pontificia Comillas

Year of defence: 2016

  1. José María Teijón Rivera Chair
  2. Jorge Torres Lucas Secretary
  3. José Manuel Martínez Ramos Committee member
  4. Raquel Valero Alcaide Committee member
  5. José Manuel Vázquez Romero Committee member

Type: Thesis


The present thesis takes place within the historiographic field of the History of Teaching Institutions. Its objective is to study the origins and the initial three decades (1957-1988) of the history of Health Care Professionals School of “San Rafael” Hospital of Madrid. This period takes two stages of the school in. The first one as a Technical Healthcare Aides (“A.T.S.”) School, linked to the Central University of Madrid (named Complutense University in 1970), and the second one, since 1978, as a Teaching Unit of Complutense University School of Nursing. Throughout these years, the studies of “A.T.S”., Physiotherapy and Nursing were taught, according legislation in force. Along the thesis chapters, we are going to analyse the main aspects regarding precedents, professional context, development process, teaching activity, human resources, facilities, and daily life in the School. First and second chapters are devoted to Nursing and Physiotherapy professions evolution up to current situation in 20th century, including a special section that summarized historical stages of vocational healthcare professionals training managed by the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God. The third chapter offers a brief chronicle about the creation and development of San Rafael Hospital of Madrid, where the School was founded and remained up to now. The fourth chapter raises the birth of the School and its stage as a male school of Technical Healthcare Aides and Physiotherapists (1957-1978). The fifth and last chapter deals with the deep changes that leads the School to its new status as a Teaching Unit of the Complutense University School of Nursing (1978-1988). This stage ends with those steps which drove the School towards its linking to Comillas Pontifical University. Key words: History of Nursing; history of Physiotherapy; training in Nursing; training in Physiotherapy; Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God; School of Nursing and Physiotherapy.