Real Provisión de Ordenanzas de Isabel I de Castilla (Alcalá, 7-VI-1503) con normas precisas para la elaboración del registro público notarial y la expedición de copias autenticadas

  1. Angel Riesco Terrero
Documenta & Instrumenta

ISSN: 1697-3798

Year of publication: 2004

Issue: 1

Pages: 47-79

Type: Article

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  • Dialnet Métricas Cited by: 11 (03-12-2023)


  • Social Sciences: D
  • Human Sciences: C


July 7 1503 were granted in Alcalá de Henares a fundamental document for the history of the notaries in Spain: the real provisión of ordinances of Elisabeth I of Castile. The object of its publication was the one of regulating the elaboration of the notarial public registration and the expedition of authenticated copies. Their validity during more than three and a half centuries, and their influence in other norms beyond our frontiers, they have made it worthy of numerous studies. With this present work we seek to deepen in the different diplomatic, juridical-administrative, judicial aspects and of régime and government contained in the one mentioned real provisión.