Los oficios públicos de gobierno, administración, justicia y recaudación y los de garantía de la fe documental en la Corona de Castilla a la luz de una disposición de los Reyes Católicos de finales del siglo XV (a. 1494).

  1. Angel Riesco Terrero
Documenta & Instrumenta

ISSN: 1697-3798

Year of publication: 2005

Issue: 3

Pages: 77-108

Type: Article

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Juridical-diplomatic and historical social study of a disposition given for the kingdom of Castile for the Catholic Kings (Madrid, 20- XII-1494) in the shape of pragmatics and with category of administrative rule-law with double purpose: a) to eradicate the serious abuses got in the system of election, presentation, provision and exercise of the professional task of numerous offices of government, administration, justice and fiscal collection of territorial and local scope and b) to guarantee the public faith of the notary, totally injured and with negative repercussion both for the government of the kingdom and for the good of the subjects.