Actualidad de un filósofo del siglo XVIFrancisco de Vitoria

  1. Marcelino Ocaña García
Anales del seminario de historia de la filosofía

ISSN: 0211-2337

Year of publication: 1994

Issue: 11

Pages: 191-220

Type: Article

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  • Human Sciences: A


Francisco de Vitoria, in spite of being a theologian, is also an excellent philosopher. Although he lived in the lóth cenrury, the topics he writes about are still rulevant. Even though he was a priest and lived under an imperialist and inquisitorial regime, he didn't share those ideals. Qn sorne topics he was even more advanced than we are today. In any case as James Brown Scott says, "the modera school of international law came into being because there was somebody who determined the guidelines". And this was Francisco de Vitoria.