Evolución de conceptos relacionados con la estructura y función de membranas celulares en alumnos de Enseñanza Secundaria y Universidad

  1. Fernández Pérez, Joaquín
  2. Torralba Redondo, Begoña
  3. García Barrutia, María del Socorro
  4. Jiménez Artacho, Cristina
  5. Fonfría Díaz, José
Anales de biología

ISSN: 1138-3399 1989-2128

Year of publication: 2002

Issue: 24

Pages: 201-208

Type: Article

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The main objective of the present survey is to detect the evolution of Biology student's conceptions about cell membranes from Secondary School to University. The analyse of the results shows that the students¿ conceptions about the structural unity of biological membranes evolve positively in contrast with the concept of functional diversity of biological membranes that evolves negatively. The reason could be that in Secondary School the learning of cell organisation is proposed as a memorizing of the pairs cell organ/function, easily forgotten or mistaken. The University students carry on with the study of cell organisation as a memorizing exercise, not understanding the relation between molecular structure and cell function. They do not understand either that cell functions depend on macromolecules functions and on the different interactions of the macromolecules constitutive of the cell structures. As a conclusion, we think that it is very important to focus the teaching of cell organisation defining in molecular terms the cell organisation and how the cell functions depend on macromolecule functions and interactions in the different cell structures.